Smith College Dining manages more than a dozen diverse and geographically dispersed operations across its 125 acres. As on most collegiate campuses, food is central to student life and community for Smith’s 2500 undergraduates, faculty, staff, and guests. In its efforts to provide high quality, nutritious and delicious food in personalized environments, the school maintains distinct dining locations that cater to kosher and halal, vegan, vegetarian, and special dietary needs whenever possible, including dedicated gluten free and nut free kitchens.

Given the depth and breadth of Smith’s Dining program, the Dining Services Director and Dining Services Strategic Planning Committee wish to analyze the current program with an eye toward understanding current patterns of use, enhancing sustainability performance, emphasizing health and wellness, and improving operational efficiencies.

The primary focus of this work will be to establish a useful set of new data that Dining Services and other decision-makers can use to evaluate potential improvements to the program and future investments in labor, kitchen equipment, product sourcing, facility upgrades, and technology.